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Being part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group enables us to offer a superior service in terms of offer, guarantees and financial strength.

Belonging to the “Fratelli Cosulich Group” (“Fratelli Cosulich Group” is a link to http://www.cosulich.com) which for over 160 years has been a respected and trusted company within maritime and logistics, Marlines is able to offer to its customers a broad range of services with high efficiencies and added value.

Being part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group enables us to take advantage of several benefits including:

  • Direct communication with the largest ship owners and liners worldwide

  • A global network across different sectors of the industrial world where the group is present and established

  • Financial strength and security with the ability to further invest in company development & diversification

  • A presence at worldwide level, with multiple global offices in key locations

  • The most advanced Business Intelligence tools providing analytical, operational and strategic data in real time

  • In depth industry experience with investment in continual development and knowledge sharing

Being part of the Fratelli Cosulich Group enables us to offer a superior service thanks to the constant investment in training our employees.

Each person who joins the Fratelli Cosulich Group family has the opportunity to acquire industry experience whilst working and growing within one of the world most historical and influential organizations.

By exchanging information openly, seeing challenges from multiple angles and involving them in complex situations we ensure all our teams are prepared to face any situation with an open mind, proactive and solution driven attitude.


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