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The thorough experience matured assisting over 200 ships per year and the dense network of business relations developed in our history with most operators of our field allow us to ensure to every Shipowner relying on our organisation the most convenient solution to his needs in any event or circumstance.
Dynamism, expertise, competitive rates, high standard services: these are the key factors that have made our Company the trusted logistic partner of more than 200 Customers in Europe and abroad, not limited to our knowledge in the brokerage and voyage chartering of general cargo Ships: as a matter of fact our know-how in the planning and coordination of stowage operations and our vocation to Cargo Collectors guarantee slot allotments and space availability on board of our chartered ships for even the smallest parcels, as part cargoes, for door to door deliveries.
We shall further mention the unquestionable professionality of our port team, made of 5 operators busy on daily basis in warehousing, loading, stowage and tally operations: port captains and loading supervisors of great experience and knowledge, who control in person all port activities, with detailed reports, communicating and relating directly with the Ships’ Captains and their qualified and trusted crew.


Marlines guarantees, since decades, chartering and brokerage operations of general cargo ships towards most Mediterranean ports, thanks to a consolidated know-how and experience, offering groupage and door deliveries for any break bulk good. The task of exploring the freight market in order to hire the most suitable ship is done by ourselves or through trusted professional shipbrokers, each specialised in its own market trade and route.

With us you have a guaranteed modern and certified fleet employment, with each Ship selected case by case according to the demanding provisions of your governing letters of credit. We assure our principals competitive freight rates, even in the long run, and the certainty of entrusting their goods to an organisation experinced and capable of solving any risk related to maritime transports.

The knowledge acquired in our many years of activity, the efficiency of our organisation, the dense frequency of our sailings, the variety of destination ports we serve and the support of an international local agents network, provide our Customers the shortest delivery transit times at costs way below what's offered by other liner services or container shipment solutions.

Flexibility, problem solving abilities and an extreme care towards the needs and timing requested by our Clients, are the key factors of our activity, grown over time, which earned the support and trust of many other Shipping and Forwarding Companies, who since years entrust us and our parcelling services with their own managed goods.

freight forwarder & custom broker

In the complex chain of domestic and international transport, Marlines is your trusted Forwarder: our approach in business is Customer oriented, and we operate as a 3rd party logistic provider. We perform our activity with dynamism and felixibility, guaranteeing the highest service standards at the mosts competitive prices, managing and coordinating under our responsibility all the various logistic services necessary, handling on our own both burocratic matters and procedures, therefore impeding any unexpected extra cost to affect our Customers’ shipments.

The proven experience in undertaking any logistic service and any International transport is self proving our skills in selecting the most appropriate Partners for the most appropriate task, according to their capabilities, vision and reliability, at the most advantageous quality-cost ratio.

Door-Deliveries all over the world.
Door to door deliveries are possible through our Agents network abroad who follow with meticulous care loading operations at origin or discharging operations at destination e who ensure the final Customer the delivery of the goods within the contracted time.
The integrity and quality of the goods are then guaranteed from the pick up point until destination in our Customers utmost satisfaction.

The services by us provided include the preparation of transport documents, the classification of the goods and the fullfillment of custom operations entailed in any import / export business.

Incoterms advices / documentary credits
Our daily business and our constant contact with the International Chamber of Commerce, the Organisation responsible for the release and revision of Incoterms, allows us to support our Customers with specific advices in terms of risks , obligations and responsibilities determination in International Trade.
Our approach is oriented towards solving practical and operational issues in order to prevent any controversy and misunderstanding which may later arise.

Integrated Logistics, road and rail transports
Marlines efficiently procures integrated logistic bundles: founder and supported by its Partners belonging to Nest, a network of enterprises involved in complementary business fields, Marlines provides full supply chain management – from Shipper’s to Receiver’s warehouse – for goods in transit via Porto Nogaro, Monfalcone, Trieste and nearby ports, using the most efficient and competitive railway and road transport means cooperating with a well established organisation of Representatives on domestic (North Adriatic) and European territory.

By managing warehouses, infrastructures and the latest i.t. technology we provide complete logistic solutions including storage, picking, authomatic identification and selection of the goods in stock according to their destination by Customer or any other pattern, assemblying, packing and a personalised service of road, rail and river transport, for the goods distribution on door-to-door basis.

terminal managers

To grant the most reliable service throughout the whole logistic chain we have expanded our business to the management of port terminals, participating directly to the logistic operations there performed assuring efficiency, precision and risk management, supplying a variety of complementary and interconnected services to the industry, all by us coordinated and under our own oversight.

Closed warehouses, silos, conveyor belts, Customs weighbridge at discharge
The activity of multimodal forwarders requires strategic investments, and since the constitution of Nest, our first asset was the installation of a Customs truck port weighbridge for the direct weighing of goods at discharge or at load through our Monfalcone terminal. The position of the weighbridge has dramatically minimised trucks idle time in the port, speeding up and allowing more precise truck reloading, making it easy for truckers to adjust the loaded weight according to governing transport regulations.

We are further equipped with conveyor belts for the reloading of dry bulk materials on silotrucks, and we offer 4 horizontal silos for the containment of specific bulk commodities, such as coal, energy products, marine salt for winter deicing.
We further offer covered storage cargoes sensible to humidity and rain, up to 25.000 tons, under an abundant roofed area of 6.400 smq, with a useful height of 8,50 meters, of 80x80 meters and protected on three sides from adverse weather and dusts generated during cargo handling.

Among our complementary services we provide the inspection and the monitoring of batches, the sampling according to commercial and Customs standards, the supervision and survey of cargo conditions and eventual damages, draft surveys, and conformity and quality certificates in venture with accredited inspection companies.

Transport documents issued at the loading place
All the relevant transport documentation is directly supplied by our personnel at the loading place, with all the advantages thereto related in terms of time and costs saving: the average stay of a truck by us doesn’t exceed 30 minutes, including the transport documents preparation and their delivery to the truck driver.

heavy lift logistics

Heavy Lift Logistics are a very complex niche which requires well developed skills and experience, for the management of special transports from ex works until the port of loading or viceversa and the chartering of specific Vessels, Heavy Lift type Ships or in other cases of flat top barges, tugs, support vessels and floating sheerlegs.

Specialised in project cargoes
All the know-how acquired in over 30 years in our shipping industry and in the project cargo field is available to our Customers in need of transporting out of gauge or heavy weight parcels and machinery.
We are specialised in exceptional transports.

We offer as a matter of fact tailor made solutions to our Clients: our experience allows us to solve with ease most issues concerned in these activities, such as lashing and securing of the cargo on board on ships, following loading operations and procedures, chartering the most appropriate Vessels to accomodate exceptional goods, according to their specific weight and encumbrance.

In Porto Nogaro we may handle with port cranes units up to 160 tons, while in Monfalcone we may handle single parcels up to 150 tons.

Feasibility studies for project cargo transports
Marlines further plays an active role in the procurement of feasibility studies for the transport of exceptional projects which originate primarily from manifacturing or industrial sites. These studies analyse, foresee and prevent any issue which could arise during the transport of the exceptional cargo and out of gauge units, in order to select the safest and most appropriate routing, at minimised costs.
In order to achieve this goal we do not limit the loading ports to Porto Nogaro and Monfalcone, but we do also consider any other Adriatic port, where we are represented by trusted affiliates.


Marlines proposes its Customers a wide range of insurance coverage options, in partnership with the most reliable and competent Insurance Companies of our field, against specific risk or all risk involved in the shipping business. An added value service for our Customers, meant to protect and compensate from the rare damages or losses which could affect their goods during transport
Safety, due diligence and care, the guarantee of a happy ending shipment: these are Marlines priorities, from the moment we are entrusted your cargoes, till their delivery to Receivers at final destination.


Marlines is specialised in stuffing and stripping of heavy goods, steel products, forestry products and unititised or palletised goods in containers.

Our specific technical know–how matured by managing hard to handle break bulk goods in the ports, ensures that, thanks to state of the art lashing, securing and dunnaging operations, containers always get at destination undamaged.
Marlines team is following directly all the container related operation, in the ports of Trieste, Koper and Marghera.

Since 2009 we have well developed and increased our activity in the container business, due to our reliable and speedy cargo stuffing and unstuffing performances, both on box containers and flat racks, and competitive costs, determinant in International trade.

We’ll take care of everything in container shipments: from the booking of cargo and containers on Ships, to the positioning of empty and full containers at the place of stuffing or stripping, including the custom clearance operations, the issuance of the transport documents according to governing letters of credit provisions. The dispatch of over a 1.000 teus per year around the globe is the proof of our efficient and reliable service.


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