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  • Registered and highly specialised Shipping and Forwarding agents
  • Quality certification ISO 9001:2000 obtained on 11.04.2003 DET NORSKE VERITAS, a guarantee of superior quality services http://www.dnv.it
  • Covered storage warehouses and cargo handling facilities for any type of good
  • Road & Rail & Seatransports from / to any North Adriatic port
  • Incoterms advices / documentary credits

Our solutions grant the shortest transit times at the most competitive costs in the market


G.M.T. + 1 hour. In the summer time G.M.T. + 2 hours.
The summer time normally begins the latest week of March, and ends the last week of October.

PORTO NOGARO - Latitude 45° 48',9 North - Longitude 13° 13',4 East
MARGRETH QUAY - Latitude 45° 47',7 North - Longitude 13° 13',8 East
ACCESS PORTO BUSO - Latitude 45° 42',5 North - Longitude 13° 15',1 East

Depth - 6,50 meters.
Draft - Max in Margreth quay: 6 m M.S.L. - Max in old Porto Nogaro quay: 4,5 m M.S.L.
Salinity – Average density: 1016-1024
Tides excursion – abt. 70 cm + or – in respect of M.S.L.
Quadrature - about 30 cm + or – in respect of M.S.L.
Currents – Negligible.
Type of sea/channel bottom – Sandy/Muddy.
Prevailing winds - Summer: W. Light – Winter: N.E. and S.E. moderate.
Storms – Short storms with strong Western winds may occur during the summer.
Fogs – Rarely occuring during winter time

Radio Station
Radio station with constant listening watch only in the "Local Maritime" office

Pilots (local practices)
The service is compulsory for vessels over 500 G.R.T. Marine pilots are contacted by VHF on channel 12


Porto Margreth offers a max draft of 6,00 meters and berths for over 860 meters lenght.

Porto Nogaro area comprehends over 36 hectars of infrastructured open areas, all connected to the main railway routes, covered warehouses and open storage facilities through which more than 1,5 million tonnes are hadled on yearly basis. The port owns more than 10 semi-moving port cranes with max lifting capacity up to 200 tonnes, as well as more than 40 forklifts and the most various technical equipment to handle the widest products range.


G.M.T. + 1 hour. In the summer time G.M.T. + 2 hours. The summer time normally begins the latest week of March and ends the last week of October.

Latitude 45° 47' 30" Nord
Longitude 13° 33' 00" Est

Latitude 45° 44' 00" Nord
Longitude 13° 37' 00" Est

Nautical Charts
Monfalcone coastline, n° 234
Monfalcone Port, n° 236

Within port basin the sea bottom vary between 7,5 and 12 meters.

Portosega quay: 10,90 m (high tide)
Silos De Franceschi: 9,15 m
A2A quay: 8,20 m (27' 00")

Portosega: 1018 – 1024 (variable, brackish water)
Silos De Franceschi: 1010 (variable, brackish water)
A2A quay: 1020 (variable, brackish water)

Tides excursion - max. 70 cm + or – in respect of M.S.L.

Currents - Due to the tides of the “Brancolo” and “Valentinis” channels.

Type of sea/channel bottom - Sandy/Muddy.

Previling Winds - E.N.E. (Bora) e S.E. (Scirocco).

Storms - the Bora wind may be in winter time very intense.

Fogs - In average 10days per year, with higher frequency in the winter months.

Radio station
Constant listening watch on channel 16 calling Trieste Radio

The Portosega dock is the only commercial quay of Monfalcone where goods are loaded and unloaded, with the sole exception of coal (see: A2A quay) and grain (see: De Franceschi dock)

about us

Shipping and Forwarding Agency since 1977, Marlines is your trusted partner for Inland, River, Sea and door to door transports within the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and out of the straits destinations.
With local offices by Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro Ports, we take due care of your goods from the production or storage sites till the loading port terminals, we voyage charter general cargo and bulk carrier Ships on part cargo as well as on full cargo capacity basis, supported by 1st class Shipping Companies and by an international local agents network, guaranteeing high safety and reliability standards.
Over 200 Customers daily entrust us their goods for global forwarding, thanks to our frequent sailings, assured by the over 300 chartered Ships we supply every year: our expertise, competitive tariffs, the respect of your delivery timings, our experienced and specialised staff, an exclusive global local Agents network to support and deliver with care your Goods at destination, are the main key factors of our organisation.
Certified ISO 9001:2008, we offer high end logistic services, the most suitable storage and handling equipment for the most various types of cargoes, our 38 years of experience and intense activity in the maritime field, together with the competitive advantages deriving from our Nest Network infrastructural strategic investments.

cargo collectors

As Cargo Collector, Marlines guarantees Land, River and Sea transports till destinations even to the smallest parcels of Goods, starting from 1 single ton. with general cargo Vessels.
The expertise matured in our many years in the business, the recognised efficiency of our organisation, our tight sailings, the many ports destination ports regularly served and the global Agents network established in the main targeted markets make sure our Customers may rely on the shortest transit times and on the most competitive costs available, especially if compared to other logistical solutions of common use.
Flexibility, troubleshooting skills and exercise due care and diligence in respect of our Customers needs and timings are the main strengths our organisation has acquired in its long lasting growth in the Shipping and Forwarding market, becoming a reliable landmark even to the most known Freight Forwarders, who rely daily on our exclusive “groupage” solutions.


An Enterprises’ Network

Marlines is among the founders of NEST (European Network of Transport and Services), an innovative networking service provider entailed in the supply management of Goods from / to North Italy, Central and Eastern Europe.
Marlines partners in this venture are the international dry port of Cervignano del Friuli (the main logistical freight village in Friuli Venezia-Giulia hinterland), Inter-rail SpA (private railway operator, operating with own locomotors, personnel and equipment) e F.lli Midolini SpA (specialised in exceptional road transport, cranetruck hires, port handling and storage solutions).

Starting its activity in 2012, Nest offers its Customers full logistic services, from goods pick up point till their door delivery, guaranteeing the most reliable expertise and potential expressed by each single partner, providing competitive logistic bundles thanks to internal costs optimisation and shared supply management interchange.


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